About us


About us

We produce high-quality dust filter bags and filter systems for household and industrial purposes. State-of-the-art technology and more than 40 years of experience are reflected in every aspect of our products.

Our efficient laboratory which is located in Germany also undertakes most kinds of difficult jobs developing special products for varied applications. Our innovations are protected worldwide by registered trademarks, designs and patents.

Our international structure combines know-how, economic conditions for production and high flexibility. With multiple production sites we guarantee on-time delivery of orders.

Optimum filter performance for any application - this is our mission. Our specialists professionally develop filter elements specifically to meet your needs as well as suitable modern packaging ready for mass production.

Competent in filtration - the partner for OEMs specialized in vacuum cleaners for household and do-it-yourself projects whether high-end or standard cleaner.

The experts in dust filter bags for professional use - for craftsmen, industrial cleaning and construction sites:

We guarantee that each product of BRANOsolutions is a system designed to perform reliably and to the highest standards, adjusted exactly to meet the requirements of its application field.

Being a successful medium sized company, we see ourselves as a creator of ideas and as a partner of the manufacturers. We take care of the most varied demands and offer on the spot support of both national and international activities through user friendly innovation.

With our efficient laboratory in Germany, modern machinery and first-class service, we are the first-choice partner to improve and to strengthen your market position.

We support you to achieve your goals. 

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